ACNE.. let’s help

Ask our Beauty Therapists about the Germaine De Capuccini PurExpert Acne Packs! The correct skin care for your particular break outs/acne is so important. Everyone’s skin is different and produces different levels of sebum and hormones. No one product in this world would fix everyone’s acne. Justbecause mum, friend, sister or famous actor used a

Our Skin needs Oil..

Spring is here and our skin can look dry and dull from the harsh cold of winter, even flaky! Which causes fine lines and speeds up ageing wrinkles! (Not to even mention how hard it is to cover because our make-up doesn’t even sit right.) We recommend adding a light weight oil to your skin

The face washer

How we recommend you clean your face and why? Small tips like these can really help keep your skin youthful and minimise damage. Your first cleanse should be on dry skin quickly massaging it in. Remove cleanser with a warm clean and soft face washer. You will want a clean face washer each day as

Tips to help prolong your spray tan

We love spray tans ourselves. They are great for holidays, nights out, weekends away and special events. Spray tans are healthier for your skin then sunbaking in the harsh UV rays. Preparation is very important if you wish to prolong your tan, especially if your skin is drier. All skin types need to prepare their

Benefits of test patches and consults

We highly recommend test patching and consults from smaller treatments to the bigger treatments. Consults are great for when you need to fill out paperwork, giving you the perfect time to ask questions, which is important! Some people like to ask personal questions customised to them and others like to look up information on the

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