Tips to help prolong your spray tan

We love spray tans ourselves. They are great for holidays, nights out, weekends away and special events. Spray tans are healthier for your skin then sunbaking in the harsh UV rays.

Preparation is very important if you wish to prolong your tan, especially if your skin is drier. All skin types need to prepare their skin before a tan, this allows a clean smooth base for the tan to adhere too.

Before Tanning:

To achieve the best result and a long-lasting tan we recommend the following.

  • Exfoliate your body well on the days leading up to your tan, focusing on dry areas; elbows, knees, shins, underarms etc. We sell an exfoliant that we recommend as it is an organic, oil based exfoliant which puts moisture into your skin as well as removes dead skin.
  • All hair removal, shaving or waxing needs to be done at least one day prior to spray tan.
  • On the day of your tan we recommend not applying: Make up, moisturiser and perfume. If you have, wash substances off your body thoroughly prior to having a spray tan. These substances can stop the tan from penetrating the skin resulting in a patchy spray tan.
  • On the day of the spray tan we recommend wearing dark loose-fitting attire before and after your spray tan. Wearing this attire until the spray tan has developed properly, as tight clothing or rubbing of clothing can stop the development of the tan. Minor bronzer rub off can occur after your Sun Fx Tan, this product comes out of the majority of fabrics when washed.

After Care:

  • Once tan is applied please allow the correct development time, the technician will inform you of how long you need to wait before wearing tight clothing or getting wet. Don’t be alarmed if the initial bronzer comes off when showering, this is part of the tanning process.
  • Moisturising your tan regularly helps to prolong the life of your spray tan. We recommend using our organic shea butter as it moisturises deep into your skin without any chemicals affecting the tan. Sun Fx also have a tan extender and gradual tanner which we also recommend to help extend your tan.
  • We recommend doing a very soft wet scrub on the first shower to minimize the bronzer rub off onto clothing. Highly recommend to all brides.

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Because we all deserve to glow!

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