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Ask our Beauty Therapists about the Germaine De Capuccini PurExpert Acne Packs!

The correct skin care for your particular break outs/acne is so important. Everyone’s skin is different and produces different levels of sebum and hormones. No one product in this world would fix everyone’s acne. Just
because mum, friend, sister or famous actor used a certain product and it helped reduce their acne it doesn’t always mean it will help yours. We highly recommend seeing a skin specialist / beauty therapist to assess why the break outs are occurring. Is it hormonal? is it bacteria trapped by dry skin? is it random spots here and there? There can be many reasons why and we are here to help and guide you.

One of our team members journey:

Being in the beauty industry I have always used high end products and had regular facials to keep my skin clean and healthy. Through my teenage years I began having break outs, which became very regular and painful. I tried
changing my products (I went through 2 – 3 brands: from chemical based to organic) and had regular facials. This helped my acne but didn’t control it. I was starting to feel very self-conscious and was scared about how the acne would scar. After all my effort I was down to my last resort, to speak to a doctor and get approval to go on a potent anti-acne drug. I really didn’t wish to go on this medication as it can have harsh side effects but it was beginning to look like I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to fix my skin. After receiving the approval however, I held off. I gave one more product a chance, as I hoped I wouldn’t have to go through with the medication. I started with the Germaine De Capuccini PurExpert Normal-Combination skin pack. This pack comes with 3 small
sized products: a cleanser, refining fluid and a moisturiser. This pack transformed my skin almost straight away and I was over the moon with the result. After about 4-6 months I had finished the pack and my skin was pretty clear besides the odd break-out here and there. I was advised to complete another PurExpert pack because of how bad my acne had been. I did so whilst adding in the the LED blue light facial (which targets bacteria below the skins surface) and Germaine De Cappuccini’s Royal Jelly moisturiser, to heal and build up my skins natural barrier again. After the second pack my skin was clear and healthy. I didn’t need another Purexpert pack but didn’t want to go back onto my previous products, as my skin just adored Germaine. I now have upgraded to a range of their products, which has been customised to my skin needs now. Thank you to A Scent Of Beauty for advising me to go on Germaine De Capuccini. Thank you, Germaine, for making my skin healthy, and pure again!

Because you deserve Confidence!

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