Our Skin needs Oil..

Spring is here and our skin can look dry and dull from the harsh cold of winter, even flaky! Which causes fine lines and speeds up ageing wrinkles!

(Not to even mention how hard it is to cover because our make-up doesn’t even sit right.)

We recommend adding a light weight oil to your skin care routine, (if the oil is too heavy it can lead to other problems like blocking your pores) we use Germaine De Capuccini’s Absolute Nourishment Elixir Oil buy facebook followers. “A nourishing elixir packed full with essential fatty acids. It is designed to firm and reduce wrinkles whilst providing the skin with intense rejuvenation and nourishment. This Elixir contains our exclusive Pro-Collagestine Fill technology to boost collagen production combined with 7 plant oils to provide powerful nutrition. With a light, nongreasy texture this oil is especially recommended for the winter dry skin.” The powerful reasoning from Germaine De Capuccini themselves.

How we here at A Scent Of Beauty like to use this Nourishing Elixir.

This product can be used daily depending on how dry your skin is, either morning or night and sometimes both throughout the colder months. This product is still very suitable during the warmer months, however reduce the use to a couple of times throughout the week.

There are a few easy way to use the Elixir..

  1. Apply it under serum and moisturiser- our elixir is a pre-serum due to its light weight, it’s not to replace our moisturisers or serums as we still need many other ingredients. This product is lovely at night after a day in the harsh drying heaters.

  2. Mix a couple of drops of the elixir in with a moisturiser, then apply to skin. A great little tip for those mornings when we are on the move!

  3. Some mornings or evenings you can add one drop to your foundation for that dewy youthful glow, great way to wear make-up and nourish our skin. Elixirs are suitable for normal, dry & mature skin types. Quality should be everything with Elixirs as it has an important job to do. Protect your skin & keep it looking younger.

Because you deserve it!

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