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Julie Austin


In 1987 after 6-7 operations the gynaecologist wisely informed me “some women are put here to have children and some women are put here to have a career. I strongly suggest you find yourself a career.” 

Which sadly wasn’t a surprise.

Leaving his office, I did what I always done when I need to feel uplifted. I went to my regular beauty salon. Sitting in the waiting room reliving his words, knowing my education history being I went to 11 school and finished schooling in year 10, as well as having dyslexia. What was I going to do? To then realise I was sitting in a place that made me happy, Beauty. I was a regular customer at the beauty salon and was always interested in the newest treatments and products.

I booked straight into the beauty college at Hyde Park and began my beauty journey.

After winning an award for being one of the top students in my class. I began my career working for a lovely lady named Sandy from Ella Bache, I then moved on to then opening my own salon in 1989. I started in a one single room and grew from there. My first proper salon was in an old house located in Reynella shared with a hairdressing salon. My salon and my team have grown alongside me which has created a fantastic environment and family.  I was based in Reynella for over 20 years and have now recently moved into the Woodcroft area.  This move in 2013 was a big step in my career and it has been a successful and refreshing one, I look forward too many more years to come.

I will be forever grateful to Sandy for her business advice and being my client when I didn’t have many. Miracles do happen as I become a mother in 1998 to a baby girl even with the odds against me. 


My beauty career begun with my love for painting my nails. This interested me to learn more about beauty and what I could do. I graduated in 2006 and started working at A Scent Of Beauty. I picked A Scent Of Beauty because of the welcoming nature. Both employees and clients are made to feel like family which is a special unique touch. I love seeing my clients being ‘transformed!’  Coming into a facial or massage most clients are having problems; small or big and either emotionally or physically. Therefore, after every service of mine, my goal is to relax and rejuvenate the client. Allowing them to escape into a relaxing oasis here at A Scent Of Beauty.

I have many hobbies and interests, my favourite one is traveling this beautiful world. In Adelaide I love supporting my boys the Adelaide Crows and cuddling cats of all kinds. I like being active whether it be walking along the beach or going to aqua fitness at my local swimming centre. I’m an outgoing person and like to keep busy and be a part of the community.


Whilst in year 12 I begun a Hair and Beauty course and personally fell in love with the beauty side. I really enjoy pampering people and making them feel better inside and out. I like to be creative and really enjoy doing nails and freehand nail art. After graduating I started working for A Scent Of Beauty in 2008. The girls at A Scent Of Beauty are like family to me and have shared all my significant milestones. They’ve seen me get engaged, married and have my two children. My interests and hobbies when I’m not at work are going camping and 4-wheel driving with my husband and our 2 children, I love spending time with my son and daughter. I also have a love for animals, in particular reptiles. 



I love how having treatments made me feel and I knew I would enjoy making other people feel great too. So, I began my journey completing certificate III and diploma in 2017 and 2018. It’s wonderful career and I’m grateful I get to do it every day. I’ve been with Julie for since 2017, she has made me the therapist I am today. One of my favourite films is ‘Steel Magnolias’ and A Scent Of Beauty reminds me of it- strong, intelligent funny women all supporting each other. A client can walk into A Scent Of Beauty after the worst day/week/month and leave feeling so much better. It’s so special to be able to do that for somebody. Exercise, walking with my dog beans and renovating my house with my husband on my days off. I love a lot of things including; cheese, glitter, sleep and a large cup of tea (not necessarily in that order!)



Growing up I have always been interested in beauty, my mother is a beauty therapist interstate. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I like ‘A Scent Of Beauty’ because of their atmosphere. Coming into the salon should be like your meeting up with friends with a bonus of a treatment. This is the service we give at A Scent Of Beauty. All the girls are just so professional, friendly and welcoming. Something I truly love about beauty is meeting a vast range of people, hearing about their stories and life experience. Best advice comes recommended by those who have experienced it.  There is nothing more satisfying then fulfilling client’s ideals, seeing them smiling with joy. I love being creative with nail art and glitter. Out of work I love spending time with my family and getting involved in activities and events. I also regularly go camping with my children, enjoying the simple things in life and what this gorgeous world has to offer.



Annie has over 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry, previously owning her own clinic. Her core focus has been in all aspects of anti-ageing procedures and keeping at the forefront of current trends, including cosmetic tattoo (micropigmentation). During that time, she has seen cosmetic tattooing (in particular eyebrow enhancement techniques) evolve and come a long way.

Annie’s passion is to create and design natural looking brows, unique to you, your face shape and age; giving you a more youthful, vibrant look. Each individuals’ brows are unique, no two people are the same.

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