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Julie Austin


In 1987 after 6-7 operations the gynaecologist wisely informed me “some women are put here to have children and some women are put here to have a career. I strongly suggest you find yourself a career.” 

Which sadly wasn’t a surprise.

Leaving his office, I did what I always done when I need to feel uplifted. I went to my regular beauty salon. Sitting in the waiting room reliving his words, knowing my education history being I went to 11 school and finished schooling in year 10, as well as having dyslexia. What was I going to do? To then realise I was sitting in a place that made me happy, Beauty. I was a regular customer at the beauty salon and was always interested in the newest treatments and products.

I booked straight into the beauty college at Hyde Park and began my beauty journey.

After winning an award for being one of the top students in my class. I began my career working for a lovely lady named Sandy from Ella Bache, I then moved on to then opening my own salon in 1989. I started in a one single room and grew from there. My first proper salon was in an old house located in Reynella shared with a hairdressing salon. My salon and my team have grown alongside me which has created a fantastic environment and family.  I was based in Reynella for over 20 years and have now recently moved into the Woodcroft area.  This move in 2013 was a big step in my career and it has been a successful and refreshing one, I look forward too many more years to come.

I will be forever grateful to Sandy for her business advice and being my client when I didn’t have many. Miracles do happen as I become a mother in 1998 to a baby girl even with the odds against me. 

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