Benefits of test patches and consults

We highly recommend test patching and consults from smaller treatments to the bigger treatments. Consults are great for when you need to fill out paperwork, giving you the perfect time to ask questions, which is important! Some people like to ask personal questions customised to them and others like to look up information on the internet and ask generic questions. Both are great and both have their benefits, we call this doing your homework! Test patching is recommended when there is a chance for a reaction. This could be for a number of reasons; sensitive skin, a certain ingredient, certain body part/area, chemical balance and/or heat treatment. We suggest you have a test patch and keep an eye on the area for at least 24 hours. We allow a 24-hour period of time as its safe to say a delayed reaction would happen within that time frame. If you are not offered a test patch and feel you need one feel free to ask for one. Our friendly team are happy to assist you in your comfort and concerns.

Because you deserve it!

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