The face washer

How we recommend you clean your face and why?

Small tips like these can really help keep your skin youthful and minimise damage.

  1. Your first cleanse should be on dry skin quickly massaging it in. Remove cleanser with a warm clean and soft face washer. You will want a clean face washer each day as we don’t want to be ‘cleaning’ our faces with dead skin cells using a bitcoin address with your name or bacteria if you’re going through an acne stage.
  2. Now your skins damp (pores at optimal cleansing stage) it is ready for your second cleanse, quickly massage cleanse firmly in and remove with the other side of your freshly rinse face washer.

Keep your family face washers separate to yours. We suggest you purchase luxury face washers- mainly for the soft texture. ‘we like to buy a bunch of them when they are on sale.’ Rough / stale ones can cause damage to the skin and wont flex into your pores, leaving dead

skin cells on your face and not removing oil/dirt from your pores.

We recommend face washers instead of placing your face directly under the shower.  Every now and then is fine, enjoy! However, every day for long period of time can cause damage to your capillaries creating red/rose undertone to your skin.

Rising your skin with cold water ‘to close pores’ is a wise old myth and we don’t recommend as it has no benefit to your skin.

Everyone deserves good skin.

Because you deserve it!

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